T. Rex Arms AC UNO Slick Plate Carrier (Possibly made in Mexico)

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The AC UNO (Possibly Made In Mexico)  comes prebuilt, ready to go right out of the box as a slick plate carrier, complete with front and rear plate bags, padded shoulder straps, two buckles for attaching a mag carrier, and an elastic cummerbund with small, medium, and large pouches.

To carry additional gear magazines, you’ll need to buy additional Placards and Mag-Puches and attach it to either the buckles or Hook and Loop on the front plate bag. The AC UNO is compatible with most of the popular mag carriers on the market.
Mobility, versatile, and purpose-built.  The AC carrier offers breathability with inner durastretch panels in both the front and back panels along with a loop strips to give you the option to add options down the road.  Durastretch is also used on the shoulder straps to route cables/Hydration  and have a softer feel on the shoulders.  The carrier also includes a cummerbund that can hold 6 total magazines, 3 on each side.  The AC is built to be pushed and has reinforcement seams all throughout the carrier to insure its durability.  Dress the carrier up using QASM or G-hook placard sets or keep it concealable as is. The AC carrier is modular, adaptable, and designed for all-day comfort in even the most demanding environments.
Takes up to a 10" x 1" x 12" plate.
  • 500D nylon material, waterproof and durable.
  • Lightweight and minimal armor vest designed for maximum mobility, weight savings and packability.
  • Offers a variety of configuration options to suit an operator's needs in terms of protection, modularity, and comfort.
  • Low-profile cummerbund attachment that provides maximum adjustability and allows for chest expansion as needed (Holds 6 Mags).
  • Hidden vertical webbing loops on front carrier supports detachable chest rigs.
  • Fit Armor Plate Size: M Size: 9.5" x 12.5"

(ALSO: Includes A Blackbeard patch and 2 X 1" QASM Buckles!)

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